Intensely strong playing from Moriarty, suggesting serious promise for the future.
Playing with good control, producing a warm, even tone, nicely phrased and sustained

Michael Lee, GoldenPlec

Approached with the utmost refinement, performed as if not wanting you to miss the tiniest detail of this ravishingly sensual music

Michael Dervan, The Irish Times

Passionate and dramatic performance

Andrew Johnson, Belfast Telegraph

Flawless technique, delivering a luscious performance marked with rhythmic precision, vigour and sheer passion, an intense and exciting sonic experience

Cathy Desmond, Irish Examiner

Moriarty’s performance is very enjoyable and the performance of the evening! Especially his performance of Enescu’s Concertpiece is impressive, he takes the time and space to give the piece more personality. This is by all means a fascinating player!

Dutch Viola Society